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What Are the Types of Water Pumps?

May 5, 2022

If you’re buying water pumps for the first time, you might not know that different types of water pumps are available. You have the freedom to choose what fits your tastes and preferences based on quality, price and installation. So, what types of water pumps are there? Centrifugal Pumps These are the most widely used pumps in the world. They are commonly used in irrigation, water supply, drainage systems and industrial processes. Centrifugal pumps use kinetic energy to move water through a system. A motor is connected to a rotor that spins at high speeds, transferring that energy into the water that’s flowing... View Article

How Do I Know If I Have Hard Water?

April 15, 2022

Do I have hard water in my home? If you have detected some changes in the water you’ve been using for several years, there’s a chance that you have hard water. Essentially, hard water is not harmful. However, you don’t have to continue drinking unpleasant water with additional chemicals and impurities. But how do I know if I have hard water? 1. Your Skin Feels Dry After Washing One of the common symptoms of hard water is that your skin feels dry and itchy after a shower. Soap doesn’t lather as well, and you might notice that your hair isn’t... View Article

What Do Water Filters Remove?

April 15, 2022

What do water filters remove? This is a standard question from any individual who has a water filter. Unfortunately, individuals don’t tend to understand the role of water filters, which explains why most of them have been ignoring water filters in their wells and other water systems. However, you should pay attention to a water filter because it is necessary. But what is my water filter removing? 1. Chlorine Chlorine is a gas used in water to kill germs and other harmful bacteria. It’s also used in pools to keep the water clean. Unfortunately, chlorine can be detrimental to your health... View Article

Everything You Need To Know About Glyphosate Contamination in Water

March 28, 2022

A significant percentage of Americans are worried about pesticide contamination in the environment. While being concerned is a good thing, most are unaware that even less apparent chemicals can affect the environment, particularly their drinking water. One of these chemicals is glyphosate. What is glyphosate contamination in water? Glyphosate is a herbicide used in lawn and garden care. You can ingest this chemical by drinking water contaminated by it. You may not get sick immediately, but it can affect your health down the line. Here is what you need to know about glyphosate contamination. Where Is Glyphosate Used? Here are... View Article

What the Cryptosporidium in Water Is All About

March 28, 2022

What is cryptosporidium in water? It’s an organism that can cause disease in humans, especially when consumed. The organism can also survive for long periods in water sources such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and drinking water. It can pose a health threat to humans by causing diarrhea in infected individuals. In some cases, cryptosporidium can lead to death. It is essential for water sources to be treated appropriately to prevent the spread of this organism. Cryptosporidium can be found in the environment and carried by animals, especially fish. How Does Cryptosporidium Get Into Drinking Water? Besides being found in water sources,... View Article

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