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The Best Way To Test Your Well Water

March 13, 2023

The Best Way To Test Your Well Water If you’re concerned about your well water quality, there are several ways to test it. Choosing the best way for you is important. 1. Portable Test Kit There are many different types of portable test kits that can be used to check for the presence of contaminants. Some are simple paper test strips that simply dip into a sample and determine the color change; other kits use spectrophotometers or analytical detectors to provide more accurate results. There is also a variety of semi-quantitative reagent kits that require no sample extraction or other specialized... View Article

Testing Water Well for Arsenic

May 12, 2021

When you hear the word “arsenic,” it probably doesn’t conjure up any positive thoughts. You most likely think of “poison,” “toxin” and other life-threatening terms. If you think of a water well being contaminated with arsenic in Pisgah Forest, NC, the term can be even more alarming. This doesn’t sound like a substance you would want in your water, but it might be present. Here’s what you need to know to keep your water clean and safe. How arsenic gets in your water Arsenic may be found in water due to natural or man-made situations. Because arsenic is a natural... View Article

Tips for Knowing When to Get a Water Softener

April 25, 2019

You may have heard the terms “hard water” and “soft water,” but do you really know what these terms mean? Are you aware of what kind of water you have in your home or business? The water running through our pipes is not just pure H2O—there are many different minerals present, many of which have benefits for our health. However, these minerals can also have negative effects, such as affecting your plumbing and taking a toll on your skin. Mineral-laced water is considered “hard water.” Therefore, “soft water” is water without these minerals, and it is produced through the installation... View Article

Is Your Water Safe

April 25, 2019

People often assume that when they turn on their faucet to get a glass of water, the water will automatically be purified, clean and uncontaminated. Unfortunately, this assumption is often incorrect. Water contamination is much more common across the nation than you might think. Water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC often surprises home and business owners when they realize their water is not nearly as pure as they believed. A contaminant is anything that is not pure H2O. Contaminants of all kinds can be found in your drinking water, from chemicals to metals to bacteria. These contaminants can stem from... View Article

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