Water Treatment Service in Pisgah Forest, NC

Waste water disposal and wastewater treatment in Pisgah Forest, Penrose, or Transylvania County, NC needs to be handled properly or the ramifications could be dangerous. At Royal Water Works, Inc., we have more than 30 years of experience with different types of water treatment services and wastewater systems, giving us the insight to make sure your operations are well-managed and thorough in the treatment of wastewater.

We’re available for commercial wastewater analysis, as well as consultation for waste water disposal and disinfection. Let us provide you with the peace of mind that your wastewater is being treated appropriately.

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Commercial Water Analysis

Understanding the composition of commercial water and the contaminants within it is the first step in treating it properly. Let our microbiology certified lab provide you with a robust profile of your commercial wastewater. Our full scope of commercial water analysis yields valuable information that we provide to you in an easy-to-understand report that includes the following:

  • The overall status of the water
  • Identified contaminants
  • Level of each contaminant
  • Comparison against national standards
  • Minimum detection levels

Our powerful instrumentation can detect a full spectrum of particles. We’ll identify the pathogens within it and provide you with corrective action advice that enables the proper treatment and disposal of wastewater.

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Ultraviolet disinfection is the gold standard for commercial wastewater treatment in Pisgah Forest, NC. UV irradiation destroys bacteria and other microbial pathogens more efficiently than other forms of treatment. And, because it uniformly addresses all bacteria through three different wavelengths, UV light is extremely effective as a single disinfectant method, prior to filtering for things like heavy metals.

We’re Wastewater Experts

Looking for insight on how to disinfect or dispose of your wastewater? Royal Water Works, Inc. provides the comprehensive solutions you’re looking for. Contact us today at 828-884-9537 to learn more about our experience with wastewater systems, water testing and filtration, commercial pool water treatment, or to inquire about testing and analysis.

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