Water Testing in Pisgah Forest, NC

Before you can treat your water properly, you need to know what’s in it. Royal Water Works, Inc. provides customers with all the insights they need about the composition of their water. Backed by a lab in Pisgah Forest, NC that’s certified for microbiology, we’re able to tell you everything from heavy metal content, to bacterium, to any compounds or chemicals that may be present.

Water Testing

  • Water analysis: Using precision instrumentation, we profile your water to show exactly what’s in it and at what levels various contaminants are present. From heavy metals to unwanted chemicals, we tell you what you need to know about your water.
  • Water bacterial analysis: Because our lab is equipped for microbiology, we’re able to test for bacteria and other biological presences. We offer water bacterial analysis and testing for commercial pools and wastewater operations.
  • Quarterly well water testing: Let us provide you with quarterly well water testing in Pisgah Forest, Penrose, and Transylvania County, NC. Our scope of customers includes churches, restaurants, motels, astronomical institutes, community centers, residential wells and much, much more.

Our knowledge of bodies of water across the nation and potential issues present in each area means we’re well-equipped to identify anomalies in your water.

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Customers trust us because we remain one of the most accredited services in the region. We’re proud to maintain annual state certifications, as well as private accreditation’s that distinguish us from other water testing services.

NC Water Pollution Control
System Operators Certification Commission (2019)
NC Water Treatment Facility
Operators Certification Board (2019)
NC Department of Health and
Human Services Laboratory Certification
We have a Certified
Lab (#37775) for Microbiology

Get Insights About Your Water

The more you know about your water, the better you’ll be able to address issues and ensure its cleanliness and safety. Contact Royal Water Works, Inc. and let us provide you with a robust report on your water, alongside recommendations for how to improve its quality. Schedule an appointment for water testing, iron removal, commercial pool Ph balancing, ultraviolet disinfection, and more.

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Well Water Testing