Water Testing Lab in Pisgah Forest, NC

Royal Water Works, Inc. partners with contract operations for water testing and filtration design, as well as wastewater treatment, pH adjusting, commercial pool Ph balancing, and more. Backed by a lab certified for microbiology, we provide customers with the pertinent information they need about their water, as well as the recommendations they need to address it. Contact us for water testing services or to consult with us about your water.

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We offer extensive testing in a water testing lab that’s certified for microbiology. We can tell you exactly what’s in your water and how to properly treat it
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Customer service is central to everything we do. We aim to be personable and polite, always taking the time to answer the phone or speak with you face-to-face
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Owner Wesley Royal has more than 30 years’ experience with various types of wastewater systems and has been in the testing business for 21 years
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We offer consulting services to anyone who may need them, including homeowners, contractors and municipalities
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If we can’t resolve your water quality issues, we’ll point you towards someone who can! We have great industry connections and we’re always upfront about our abilities

Providing Water Quality Testing and Filtration Solutions

It’s extremely important to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your water—whether it’s a potable source, a commercial swimming pool or even a wastewater operation. But, to keep your water clean, you first have to know what’s in it. At Royal Water Works, Inc., we believe this is the most important step to good water management and it’s why we provide robust testing in Pisgah Forest, Penrose, NC.

Our water testing lab is outfitted with some of the best technologies for water composition testing, allowing us to provide customers with a robust profile of their water quality. We detect heavy metals, organic compounds, chemicals, microbes and more. And, regardless of your water quality report, we’ll make sure you have the insight to take the next step: Treatment. Our experts are happy to consult with you about the right approach to filtration or water treatment service in Pisgah Forest, NC, so you can restore the quality of your water to safe, acceptable levels.

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What sets Royal Water Works, Inc. apart

Our tenure of expertise regarding water systems of all types. Not only do we offer routine well testing like most companies, we also test and treat pools and commercial wastewater systems, providing insights and solutions at a high level. When you need testing and solutions to ensure the quality and safety of your water, we’re the one and only call you need to make.


Is Your Water Safe?

Without proper testing, you might never know what’s in your water. Let us take the mystery out of it and tell you exactly what condition it’s in and how to treat it if necessary. Contact us today!

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