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How Often Does a Water Softener Need To Be Serviced?

December 27, 2022

Regular maintenance of household systems ensures optimum functionality and efficiency of the equipment. That includes the water treatment equipment and softener system in some homes. The water softener helps with hard water problems made apparent with things like staining on clothes and dishes. While the system can provide better water quality, adequate care and upkeep of the equipment are essential for it to remain free of issues. Many water treatment professionals offer preventive maintenance plans to protect a homeowner’s investment in quality household water. Regardless of the age of your equipment, the guideline for when to get water softener serviced... View Article

Everything You Need To Know About the Process of Water Treatment

November 11, 2022

Water is an essential element in everyday life. We need it to sustain our health, for hygiene, and for a productive community. We can’t achieve this if our water isn’t safe for consumption. That’s why water undergoes treatment to remove substances that can harm humans. This treatment produces clear, safe, palatable, odorless, and colorless water. Take a look at these water treatment steps. Coagulation This is the first step in the drinking water treatment process. A chemical referred to as a coagulant is added to the water. This chemical has a positive charge which neutralizes the dirt’s negative charge. When... View Article

How To Interpret Water Test Results

November 11, 2022

All homeowners who rely on wells for their residential water supply should sign up for regular testing. But do you know what those test results are saying? If you are using well water for the first time, you may not be familiar yet with the details that will be provided. Continue with this article so you can learn how to interpret water results. Well Water Test Results Explained Upon opening your well water test results, you will likely see entries for different contaminants, units, and the corresponding results for each one of them. Let’s discuss each of those contaminants individually... View Article

How To Choose the Right Water Filter for Your Home

October 18, 2022

Here at Royal Water Works Inc., we love to see people receive the water applications that they need to deliver the very best and most useful water resources. One of the ways that this happens is by getting a new water filter installed in your home. Everyone should have a water filter in their home anyway, but you should certainly jump on this very quickly if you notice your home water is cloudy when you go to drink it. That is not something that you should ever deal with, and you don’t need to if you just look at how... View Article

Why Is My Commercial Pool Cloudy?

October 4, 2022

Going swimming in a commercial pool is a great option to cool off during those hot summer days. However, if the pool is cloudy, it can ruin the experience. We will cover some reasons why customers may experience a cloudy pool and how they can reduce its occurrence. What Causes a Cloudy Pool? pH Issues There are several reasons why a pool can become cloudy. One reason is that the pH levels are too high or low. If the pH level is too low, it can cause the pool water to be acidic. This will make chlorine less effective and... View Article

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