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Is Hard Water Bad for Your Health?

June 14, 2021

Worried about hard water at your home? If you don’t have a water softener system installed, chances are good that you’re getting hard water every time you turn on the taps. While it’s true that hard water contains minerals that soft water does not, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for your health. Drinking hard water or using it for bathing or doing the dishes is generally safe. In some cases, it can even provide some health benefits. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know about hard water and the health impacts of installing a water softener... View Article

Do I Need an RO System?

June 9, 2021

One of the big phrases in water filtration today is “reverse osmosis,” or RO. These are thought to be excellent filtration systems. This is considered important due to pollutants and compounds sometimes found in tap water. However, how you obtain one and how you use it can greatly affect how well it works. If you’re curious about an RO system house in Pisgah Forest, NC, then we’ve got some important things to consider. How RO systems work A reverse osmosis filter removes contaminants from drinking water by pushing them through a membrane with small pores that separates water from larger... View Article

Why You Need a Water Softener

May 26, 2021

Did you know that living in a home that has hard water can cost you cold, hard cash? When groundwater flows through pipes into your home, hard water results in dissolved minerals, which, combined with heat, leaves scale and buildup. This may lead to damage to your pipes, appliances and fixtures. If you’re considering investing in a water softener in Pisgah Forest, NC, then read on to learn more. The difference between hard and soft water When rain falls from the sky, this is considered soft water, as it does not contain minerals. The water then flows through the ground,... View Article

Testing Water Well for Arsenic

May 12, 2021

When you hear the word “arsenic,” it probably doesn’t conjure up any positive thoughts. You most likely think of “poison,” “toxin” and other life-threatening terms. If you think of a water well being contaminated with arsenic in Pisgah Forest, NC, the term can be even more alarming. This doesn’t sound like a substance you would want in your water, but it might be present. Here’s what you need to know to keep your water clean and safe. How arsenic gets in your water Arsenic may be found in water due to natural or man-made situations. Because arsenic is a natural... View Article

A Pump for Every Occasion

April 28, 2021

The same water well pump types are not suitable for every setting. Fortunately, a variety of pump types are available, so you can easily find one that is appropriate for your property. Use the following buying guide for water pumps in Pisgah Forest, NC to determine which pump is best for your needs. Top considerations There are three main factors that you must consider as you choose between various water well pump types in Pisgah Forest, NC. The first is submersible vs. non-submersible. Consider whether your pump will be under water at your location. The second key factor is the... View Article

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