Testing Water Well for Arsenic

Testing Water Well for Arsenic

May 12, 2021

When you hear the word “arsenic,” it probably doesn’t conjure up any positive thoughts. You most likely think of “poison,” “toxin” and other life-threatening terms. If you think of a water well being contaminated with arsenic in Pisgah Forest, NC, the term can be even more alarming. This doesn’t sound like a substance you would want in your water, but it might be present. Here’s what you need to know to keep your water clean and safe.

How arsenic gets in your water

Arsenic may be found in water due to natural or man-made situations. Because arsenic is a natural element that is found in soil and rock, it can naturally dissolve into the groundwater. This groundwater can then make its way into your well.

Industrial activities can also increase the amount of arsenic found in the groundwater. This may be due to pesticide use or other products used in an industrial application. These activities don’t have to occur on your property directly in order to add arsenic to your water. If they happen nearby, the groundwater could still be affected as it travels across property lines.

Arsenic testing

The only way to know if your water well system in Pisgah, NC has arsenic is to test it. Arsenic has no odor or taste to reveal its presence. If you are concerned that arsenic levels in your area may be high due to natural or man-made situations, you can contact a local water testing service to complete a test. This will reveal whether arsenic is present and at what levels.

Action steps

If a test reveals that you have hazardous levels of arsenic in your water, there are two crucial steps you should take. The first is to contact your county health department to inform them of the issue. They can work with you to determine how to resolve the problem. The second is to install a water treatment system at your property. A system such as an ion exchange treatment system or a reverse osmosis system will help resolve the arsenic issue.

Choosing the right service

An important aspect of this process of testing for arsenic in a water well in Pisgah Forest, NC is choosing the right experts. For testing and any necessary water treatment, you should partner with professionals you can trust.

Look for local water experts who are familiar with the water systems in your area. Make sure they are experienced and have an established reputation in the industry. Ask for references. Find out if they provide a full range of services to ensure they can help you with all your needs regarding water well arsenic in Pisgah Forest, NC.

We’re here to help

To test your water for arsenic levels, contact the professionals at Royal Water Works, Inc. We’ve been the area’s go-to water experts since 1998. As an environmental service company, we offer water testing, water filtration design, wastewater operations, iron removal, pH adjusting, ultraviolet disinfection and more. Reach our experienced team today with any questions or to set up your next service at 828-884-9537.

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