What's the Best Treatment System for Well Water?

What’s the Best Treatment System for Well Water?

January 1, 2021

How do you know which water treatment system to get for your individual well in Pisgah Forest, NC? Getting your own water filtration, purification or treatment system is a smart investment in health and safety, particularly if you’re drinking well water. However, different water sources will have different mineral, pollutant and contaminant levels, so it’s crucial to get your water tested.

If you’ve been asking yourself whether one system or another is the best approach to treatment for your well water, read on.

Water testing is key

Until you know what’s in your water, you can’t determine how to solve the problem. For example, your particular well might have high iron content, which leaves stains behind on your sinks, tubs and laundry. Your neighbor a mile down the road might have issues with heavy metal content and bacteria. Until you have your water professionally tested, any system you buy will be a shot in the dark.

Luckily, water testing is easy, especially when you work with Royal Water Works, Inc. Our lab is certified for microbiology, so we can tell you exactly what’s in your water, from chemicals to metals to bacteria. We also have a working knowledge of what you might encounter around the area, thanks to our extensive water testing and treatment services.

Work with professionals

After you know what might be in your water, it’s time to start looking at well water treatment systems in Pisgah Forest, NC. It’s important that you work with water treatment professionals, preferably Certified Water Specialists. This accreditation is offered through the National Water Quality Association and demonstrates that the individual has met or exceeded industry standards. When it comes to water, you don’t want to take any risks.

Get an NSF certified system

After you’ve found a professional who can help you choose a system, we recommend getting an NSF certified water treatment system. NSF International is the leading third-party water treatment system testing organization, and having their stamp of approval is a high honor. NSF develops standards for testing water treatment systems, then tests systems to see how well they perform.

Not only does NSF conduct tests of the water treatment systems and their output, they also randomly tour manufacturing plants to ensure that all operations proceed according to standard. Over time, they also retest systems to ensure they still hold up to the certification standards. If you want to get exactly what you’re paying for, finding a system that’s NSF certified is a safe bet.

Keep in mind that if you see a product that says “NSF validated,” that’s not the same thing—that means another third party tested to NSF standards, but the NSF, for whatever reason, did not or could not put their stamp of approval on the system itself.

Still not sure what system you need? Ask the friendly experts at Royal Water Works, Inc. Not only can we test your water, but we can also recommend the right water treatment system for your Pisgah Forest, NC well. Call us today to learn more.

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