FAQs on Well Water Testing in Pisgah Forest, NC

FAQs on Well Water Testing in Pisgah Forest, NC

June 5, 2019

How much do you know about well water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC? If you use well water on your property, it’s helpful to know the basics about this type of system. Proper well maintenance and well water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC is necessary to keep your water supply healthy.

To educate yourself on this topic, use the following FAQ. For additional information, contact your local experts in well water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC.

Why is well water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC important?

When you test your well water, the results will guide you in properly addressing any problems with your water supply. Without well water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC, you can’t be sure that your water source is free of contaminants. Testing will help you make informed decisions based on the intended use of your water, whether that be drinking water, livestock supply or other use. The testing will identify problems, monitor the effectiveness of treatment systems and ensure your water remains suitable for use.

Won’t I know if my water is contaminated?

While some contaminants result in distinctive tastes and odors, others are undetectable without professional well water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC. For example, elements such as lead have no odor or taste and don’t leave behind any residue. To ensure your water is free of all hazardous materials, it’s necessary to test its quality from time to time.

Which tests do I need?

A variety of useful tests are available to determine the quality of well water. Consult with your local health department and professionals who specialize in well water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC to determine which tests are best for your area. Available tests include basic water potability, coliform bacteria, nitrate, ions, sulfate, fluoride and total dissolved solids. If a specific contaminant is suspected in the water source, additional tests may be completed to check for that material.

How often should I complete water well testing in Pisgah Forest, NC?

Because water quality can change over time, it’s important to test it regularly. If you are using private well water, you should test this at least once each year. If your source is from a shallow well or surface water, you should test it each season. When you test, be sure to do so both at the tap and at the water source. This will test the water itself as well as the effectiveness of your water treatment system.

Where can I get my water tested?

Your community may offer free screenings to test well water. Your local Health and Human Services Department can also direct you to appropriate sources for testing.

Premier Well Water Testing

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