Five Signs Your Well Water Is Contaminated

Five Signs Your Well Water Is Contaminated

January 5, 2022

If you rely on well water to supply your home or business, you know that there can be complications from time to time. A lot of these problems simply don’t affect people who count on municipal systems for their water supply, but part of the appeal of having well water in the first place is the control over its quality and how you choose to treat it.

That said, there are some instances where your well water could be contaminated, sometimes to an extent where it can pose a health risk to you and your family. As a result, it’s a good idea to read these tips on signs of water contamination and keep them in mind the next time you suspect something is a bit “off” about your well water:

  • Scale/scum: If you feel like the water is leaving “buildup” on your hands, or notice scale accumulating on faucets and other fixtures, this is usually a sign of water contamination, and typically denotes that your water is “hard.” A relatively easy solution to this problem is to have a water softener installed in your home. This is a treatment option that leaves the water not only feeling more pleasant on your skin, but also less likely to gum up your appliances.
  • Unclear water: If your water comes out of the faucet looking a little “colorful,” that’s a telltale sign of water contamination. This murkiness can be due to a number of factors. Dirt or clay salts might be the culprit, or even silt or rust. Because well water passes over different materials as it makes its way to your home, there a number of things it could be picking up along the way. That said, this issue could also be as simple as rust on the pipes. Either way, it’s probably time to call a plumber.
  • Salty taste: If you find that your water tastes salty, this is usually an indication that chloride ions or sulfates have made their way into the water. This can be the result of industrial or agricultural runoff, and wells tend to be more susceptible to it because of their reliance on groundwater. It might be time to install a filtration system in your home if you keep running into this experience.
  • Soapy taste: If your water tastes a bit soapy out of the tap, that can also be a sign that your water is contaminated, usually due to increased alkalinity. This can cause gastrointestinal issues and skin problems, so it’s best to get this one worked out as soon as possible.
  • Rotten egg smell: If your water smells like rotten eggs, that’s usually a sign of bacteria or hydrogen sulfide gas in the water. This can cause serious health problems, so don’t delay in having a plumber come out to diagnose and fix the problem before it’s too late.

While these aren’t the only ways to tell that something is amiss with your water, they’re a great start. Being aware of signs of water contamination is half the battle, and if you want a professional opinion on what might be wrong with yours, you can submit a sample to our team at Royal Water Works Inc. today for rapid, secure and informed testing. We look forward to helping identify your water issues and ensuring they’re effectively solved!

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