Is Unfiltered Water Bad for Your Skin?

Is Unfiltered Water Bad for Your Skin?

August 24, 2021

Not many people realize it, but unfiltered water could actually cause major issues for your skin. How can unfiltered water be bad for your skin? Unfiltered water often contains chemicals like chlorine and chloramine that can strip oils from the body. Over time, this could cause skin irritation, dry skin and other conditions. Unfiltered water can also be bad for your hair and nails. You can avoid all this by investing in a good home water filtration system. Read on to learn about the many benefits of purified water for your skin.

Gives your skin a new glow

After washing with filtered water for a period of time, you may start to notice a natural glow to your skin. This is thanks, in part, to the fact that filtered water doesn’t strip the oils from your body. When using filtered water, your skin will be healthier and more moisturized, which often results in a natural glow.

Drinking filtered water is also beneficial when it comes to giving your skin a bright complexion. You may even find that you don’t have to use as many moisturizers after investing in a home water filtration system.

There are no harsh chemicals

As mentioned above, there are number of harsh chemicals that may be present in unfiltered water. These chemicals are terrible for your skin and could even contribute to increased aging. Unfiltered water also contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that are bad for your skin and hair. You won’t have to worry about these harsh contaminants after having a water filtration system properly installed.

Gives you younger-looking skin

Many people want to avoid getting too many wrinkles. Instead of spending tons of money on skin products, you may only have to drink more filtered water. Filtered water has been known to help make wrinkles less prominent, though they won’t disappear completely. Using filtered water on your skin will also prevent it from getting too dry, which can cause fine lines over time.

It’s good for those with certain skin conditions

Many people suffer from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Certain materials in unfiltered water can make these conditions worse by stripping away your body’s natural oils. On the other hand, filtered water is free from materials that can worsen skin conditions. It also helps keep the skin moist, thus reducing flare-ups.

Flushes toxins from your body

To maintain healthy skin, it’s important to flush the toxins from your body. The best way of doing this is by drinking enough filtered water throughout the day. Drinking filtered water can even help prevent acne, dark patches and other blemishes from appearing on the body.

There is a multitude of benefits when it comes to investing in a water filtration system. Not only is purified water better for your skin, but it’s also easier on a home’s plumbing system, helps promote a better environment and even tastes better. Don’t wait any longer—contact Royal Water Works, Inc. today to ask about the water filtration systems we have available!

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