How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

August 2, 2021

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to enjoy your swimming pool with family and friends, or even on your own. No matter how you like to enjoy your swimming pool, it’s important to make sure your pool is ready for the summer by following some maintenance and care steps. Keep reading to learn how to prepare your pool for summer heat so you can make the most of your investment.

Get your pool ready for summer with these tips

Pools provide the perfect place to spend hot summer days. Whether you’re enjoying a swim to cool off after a long day or you’re hosting a pool party with family and friends, it’s important to make sure your pool is ready for regular summer use. If you’re wondering how to prepare your pool for summer heat, here are some of the best tips and tricks to ensure your pool is ready for the summer months:

  • Uncover and clean your pool: If your pool was covered over the fall and winter months, remove the cover and clean any debris out of the pool to begin the process of preparing the pool for summer. Removing leaves, branches and other debris from the pool water will make it easier to filter and purify the water in your pool so it’ll be safe to swim in during the summer.
  • Run your filter: After you uncover and clean your pool, it’s time to run your filter. You’ll need to add some water to make sure it’s at the right level before running the filter. Before running the filter, make sure to replace the old cartridge with a new one. Then, run the filtration system for at least eight to 10 hours.
  • Get your water tested: Once you’ve run your filter for several hours, it’s important to test your water to check the levels of different chemicals and detect the presence of pollutants in the water. If you’re using at-home test strips, dip a cup into the water several inches beneath the surface for the most accurate reading of pH and chlorine levels. Once a month, it’s a good idea to have your water professionally tested.
  • Balance chemical levels: Make sure you’re all stocked up on the pool chemicals you need to balance your water to get it ready for use. You’ll need chlorine, chlorine stabilizers, pH chemicals and shock treatments. Follow the instruction labels on these chemicals to make sure you’re using the right amounts for your pool.

Summer pool water testing

At Royal Water Works, Inc., we know how important it is to get your pool ready for summer, and we’re proud to offer pool water testing services to make sure your pool water is balanced, clean and healthy. Whether you have specific concerns about your pool’s filtration system or you’re looking for general testing services, our team is here to help. Find out more about everything we have to offer by giving us a call today and scheduling a consultation.

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