Do I Need an RO System?

Do I Need an RO System?

June 9, 2021

One of the big phrases in water filtration today is “reverse osmosis,” or RO. These are thought to be excellent filtration systems. This is considered important due to pollutants and compounds sometimes found in tap water. However, how you obtain one and how you use it can greatly affect how well it works. If you’re curious about an RO system house in Pisgah Forest, NC, then we’ve got some important things to consider.

How RO systems work

A reverse osmosis filter removes contaminants from drinking water by pushing them through a membrane with small pores that separates water from larger particles. These systems typically come with a carbon filter that assists with initial purification and may help extend the lifetime of the RO system.

The carbon filter will also reduce the level of contaminants that can’t be reduced via RO alone. This includes byproducts from disinfection like volatile organic compounds. RO reduces chemical contaminants like nitrate, perchlorate, arsenic and hexavalent chromium. These compounds are potentially dangerous for developing children and can result in problems ranging from thyroid dysfunction to cancer.

Issues with RO systems

Although there are clear benefits to RO systems, there are some problems. For example, not every product on the market is effective. Some filtration systems merely claim to perform reverse osmosis when they, in fact, don’t remove any minerals.

Another problem is that some people are unaware of how frequently you’ll need to change RO filters. If you fail to replace the filters, then the system won’t work as it’s designed to. Most RO membranes are damaged by low levels of chlorine, and there’s no easy way to reverse this damage.

Other problems include the high cost of RO systems and difficult installation. Putting in an RO system requires drilling into the countertop and connecting it to the home’s drain pipe. Typically, this work is best completed by a professional.

Is an RO system right for me?

One smart idea is to call in water experts to test the water in your home and recommend a course of action. The professionals will be able to tell if an RO system will filter out unwanted particles in your water. They will also be able to provide sound recommendations on the best filters to use and will install them the right way. By leaving it to the pros, you avoid making a costly, wrong decision on your own.

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