Can a Water Well Ever Go Dry?

Can a Water Well Ever Go Dry?

June 28, 2021

If you’re among the residential property owners who rely on well water for drinking, bathing and other daily needs, it can be tough to get a clear picture of how much water remains in your groundwater source. Since the aquifer that feeds the well can be located very deep underground, you really never know when the water supply is spent.

Here’s what you need to know about how water well systems go dry and when water well repairs are recommended.

When is a well considered “dry”?

When the water level of your well falls below your pump intake, your well is considered “dry.” This usually isn’t a cause for panic, since it’s likely there will be water in the well again. Wells draw water from aquifers, and they can recharge over time thanks to precipitation.

What are the signs your well is running dry?

There are some clear indications that your well is running dry. If you notice any of the symptoms described below, be sure to contact your trusted resource for water well repairs immediately:

  • Water that smells or tastes different: You may notice a different odor or taste from your water if your well is running dry. In many cases, the pump is drawing water from the bottom of the well, and the water contains more sediment and other deposits that have settled to the bottom.
  • Dirty water: If your crystal-clear water looks muddy or murky, your well might be running low on water.
  • Sputtering faucets: Water should flow smoothly from the taps in your home. If you’re noticing spitting and sputtering faucets, you might have a plumbing issue or a well water issue. Contact your water well repair professional to pinpoint the cause.
  • Pump that keeps running: When a well is low or dry, pumps have to work harder to do their job. If you notice your pump running longer or more often than usual, contact your local well service.

What can I do to keep my well from running dry?

There are proactive measures you can take in your daily life to prevent a dry well. Here are some easy ways to conserve water every day:

  • Fix leaks: One of the main culprits when it comes to water waste is plumbing leaks. Make sure your water lines are always leak-free, and fix toilets and leaky faucets, too.
  • Schedule use: When you rely on well water, it’s impractical to do several loads of laundry back to back. If you’re doing several loads of laundry and someone else in your household decides to take a shower, the pump might not be able to keep up, and you may end up with dirty water.
  • Monitor your outdoor use: Watering a garden or doing other landscaping can significantly reduce the amount of water in your well. It’s best to choose drought-resistant plants, shrubs and trees for your landscaping to reduce unnecessary water usage.

You rely on your well for so many daily tasks, from drinking and bathing to cleaning and cooking. If you suspect your well is running dry, reach out to your resource for water well repairs right away. Contact Royal Water Works, Inc. to learn more about proper care and maintenance of your well.

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