A Pump for Every Occasion

A Pump for Every Occasion

April 28, 2021

The same water well pump types are not suitable for every setting. Fortunately, a variety of pump types are available, so you can easily find one that is appropriate for your property. Use the following buying guide for water pumps in Pisgah Forest, NC to determine which pump is best for your needs.

Top considerations

There are three main factors that you must consider as you choose between various water well pump types in Pisgah Forest, NC. The first is submersible vs. non-submersible. Consider whether your pump will be under water at your location. The second key factor is the gallons per hour rating of the pump. How much water do you need to pump, and how quickly do you need to access it? The rating may also be labeled as gallons per minute.

Lastly, look at the pump PSI ratings. This reveals the pressure power of the pump. It needs to be powerful enough to supply water to the property and must be compatible with the plumbing system, fixtures and appliances on the property.

Types of pumps

Here’s a closer look at the three key types of pumps:

  • Shallow well pumps: If your well is less than 25 feet deep, this might be the best solution for your pump needs. These water well pump types in Pisgah Forest, NC are used for above-ground well pumps. They should be placed in a well housing located outside of the well.

Tip: When choosing this type of pump, look for overload protection. This prevents the motor from burning out during use. It’s also best to supplement this type of pump with a booster to increase the PSI.

  • Deep well pumps: These water well pump types in Pisgah Forest, NC are used for wells that are between 90 and 300 feet below ground. These can be submerged inside the well.

Tip: Choose a three-wire model for easier maintenance. Two-wire models have to be brought to ground level for repairs.

  • Convertible jet pumps: These pumps can operate at varying depths, depending on the type of well jet nozzle that is selected. A shallow jet well nozzle allows operation between zero and 25 feet. A deep well jet nozzle allows operation between 25 and 90 feet. This type of pump is not submersible. It will need to be placed in a pump housing outside the well.

Tip: These pumps are a good solution for properties that have a fluctuating water table.

Pump priming

Some water well pump types in Pisgah Forest, NC need to be primed, while others do not. This is the process of removing the air from the pump before operation. If you are using a submersible pump, it will need to be primed before its first use. Non-submersible pumps should be primed again after any incidents that could allow air into the pump, such as a power outage.

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