Your Water Pump Could Be Dying!

Your Water Pump Could Be Dying!

March 22, 2021

Although a water well pump can last 10 to 15 years without needing replacement, they’re not perfect. Thankfully, water pumps don’t just up and quit out of nowhere—they’ll present a few signs that they’re on their last leg or necessitate repair. Continue reading to learn a few signs of water well pump failure in Pisgah Forest, NC:

  • Water pressure fluctuations: A water well pump—which runs on an electric motor—is partially responsible for delivering consistent pressure each time you hop in the shower or turn on the faucet. Fluctuating water pressure may indicate an issue with the pump’s motor.
  • Strange sounds: Any weird noises coming from your plumbing system are a sign of trouble. If you hear a clicking sound, this may be a sign that air leaking from the pressure tank is causing the pump’s motor to turn on and off. This is hard on the motor and leads to failure, so call a pro to fix or replace the motor as soon as possible.
  • Spitting faucets: If the air leaking from the pressure tank isn’t causing the motor to cycle on and off, it may cause your faucets to spit water instead of producing an even flow. Ignoring this problem could shorten your well pump’s lifespan.
  • Higher electric bills: Creeping energy bills can be the result of many different problems around the house. One issue that may get overlooked is water well pump failure in Pisgah Forest, NC. A dying water pump may suck up more energy than usual, which means your bill may get slightly higher month over month. Hire a contractor to inspect your pump right away.

Preventing pump failure is easy!

You can avoid your water well pump dying in Pisgah Forest, NC with a few simple steps. Follow this advice to keep your pump in great shape:

  • Schedule routine inspections: Calling a plumber to perform an annual checkup can go a long way in preventing failure and prolonging your pump’s lifespan. Keep in mind that scheduling annual maintenance is much cheaper than an emergency repair! Plus, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your pump is in tip-top shape after a maintenance call.
  • Call for repairs early: Your water pump woes won’t go away on their own, so just call a professional to fix your pump right away. These issues are often cheaper and easier to fix the sooner you call a pro, which is always a plus for your wallet!
  • Avoid tinkering with it: There are plenty of YouTube videos that cover how to make pump repairs on your own, but unless you’re a plumber, we don’t recommend DIY fixes. You might end up making these issues worse by tinkering with your pump.

Talk to our team today

If you’ve noticed any of these signs of your water well pump dying in Pisgah Forest, NC, contact Royal Water Works, Inc. Using the most up-to-date technology, we’ll perform thorough testing to ensure your water is safe to drink. We’re close partners with many repair companies in town, so we can connect you with a team that can solve your issues.

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