The Importance of Pressure Tank Testing

The Importance of Pressure Tank Testing

March 2, 2021

Pressure tanks play a vital role by removing most of the submerged water from your water well’s pump. The tank holds some water for immediate use in the household, so when you turn on the shower, this water is coming from the tank. The tank also regulates how often the pump needs to turn on.

For all these reasons, performing a regular water well pressure tank test in Pisgah Forest, NC is important to keeping the well operating for years to come. Let’s take a look at how pressure tank testing is performed and some of the benefits of doing this.

Benefits of water well pressure tank testing

The fact is that the less the pump has to turn on, the better for your water well system. As the tank regulates how often the pump turns on and off, a well-maintained tank can help you keep the pump for years to come. If the pump goes, this is a huge problem—there will be no more water flowing into the house and you could see water pump repair costs of up to $2,000.

One typical problem is with the pressure tank’s bladder. This determines the pressure and water level in the tank and pushes the water through the system’s pipes. When the bladder breaks, this will cause the pump to turn on and off in an inconsistent way.

Testing the water pressure tank

Here’s a basic test you can do before bringing in the professionals:

  • Find someone to help you and open a stopwatch app on your phone. Your helper will stand by the faucet while you inspect the well’s pressure tank.
  • Locate the pressure tank gauge. It will have a meter that will vacillate between five and 10 psi.
  • Ask the helper to turn on the faucet. Allow it to run for a few minutes and check the pressure gauge. The needle should move slowly toward the low setting.
  • Once it hits the low setting, start the timer. Stop the timer once the needle has reached the high setting again and note how many seconds it took. If it took less than a minute to hit the high setting, then you likely have a problem with your tank.

If this test takes longer than one minute, you will need to call in the professionals. However, the necessary repairs may be more affordable than you think.

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