What's the Average Lifespan of a Water Well Pump?

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Water Well Pump?

February 16, 2021

Private water well owners often wonder when they will need to replace their water well pump. Most well pumps last up to 10 years, but with excellent maintenance and care, they can last even longer than that. Knowing when the pump isn’t working correctly and needs to be fixed is also important. Doing so can help you avoid the cost and hassle of replacing the pump.

So, if you’re wondering how long water well pumps last in Pisgah Forest, NC, the simple answer is that it all depends on how the pump is maintained and repaired. Read on to find out more about how to get the most out of your water well pump.

Regular maintenance schedule

There are a number of basic maintenance tasks that should be done to keep the water well pump operating at its peak performance. You can attempt to do them yourself, but in many cases, it may be better to call in the professionals. All of the following should be done regularly:

  • Clean the pump’s cooling fan. Removing debris from the cooling fan will allow the pump to regulate the temperature.
  • Check the flanges for leaks. If you notice that water is collecting around the base, then it’s likely that a leak is to blame and it’s time for repairs.
  • Ensure that the bearings and mechanisms on the interior of the well pump are moving properly. This is to avoid overheating.
  • Inspect the O-rings and gaskets to make sure they aren’t worn down or cracked. If necessary, replace any that aren’t in good condition.

Pressure tanks

Installing a pressure tank is also a good idea because it can help increase the lifespan of your water well. The well’s pump will deliver water into the tank to achieve the correct water pressure, then turn off until it’s needed again. When you don’t have a pressure tank, that means the system will need to work harder, as it will be in constant operation.

Finding the best pump

Many people don’t correctly calculate the size and strength of the pump they’ll need to keep their well functional. It it’s too small or doesn’t have enough power, it will need to work in overdrive to service the home or irrigation system, causing the pump to wear out. A pump that’s too large or too strong is liable to kick up sediment in the well, which can lead to breakdowns. Consult a professional on which pump is right for your water well to ensure a long life.

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