What Is Reverse Osmosis and How Does It Work?

What Is Reverse Osmosis and How Does It Work?

July 5, 2019

Many people have reasons for investing in water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC and a filtration system for their drinking water. Reverse osmosis is an increasingly popular choice. While a reverse osmosis system is similar to any other filtration system in that it removes contaminants, the method it uses to do so is slightly different and offers many benefits of its own. Read on to learn more.

The reverse osmosis process

A reverse osmosis system works by removing contaminants from the water by pushing water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. When water is pushed through the membrane, it allows the passage of water molecules and prevents the majority of dissolved salts, organics, bacteria, minerals like fluoride, chlorine and lead, as well as pesticides and nitrates to pass through. The contaminants and impurities that are filtered out are flushed down the drain, leaving clean, filtered water for your cooking and cleaning.

Benefits of reverse osmosis water

There are many benefits to drinking water that has passed through the reverse osmosis process, even over other water filtration systems. If you’re getting water testing in Pisgah Forest, NC, you may want to ask your treatment provider about reverse osmosis systems. Take a look at these benefits:

  • Taste: Some people are pickier about the taste of their water than others, but everyone agrees that water filtered by reverse osmosis tastes better. The removal of debris and other chemicals provides a fresh taste.
  • Filters contaminants: Chemicals such as lead and even arsenic are removed, as well as parasites. Only pure water is allowed through the filter, giving you healthy, clean water free from minerals and contaminants.
  • Saves energy: There are different sizes of reverse osmosis filters that you can choose from, and you can decide what you have space for and where you want to put it. Plus, it uses a low amount of energy compared to other water filtration systems.
  • Customizable: You can decide which level of filtration to invest in, with each increasing level providing additional filtration. Reverse osmosis occurs in seven stages, and each stage is more stringent than the last.
  • Safe for the environment: Reverse osmosis water is safer for the environment because it reduces plastic bottle waste. By choosing clean, filtered drinking water from your tap instead of buying bottled water, you’ll be saving money yourself and also saving the environment.
  • Low maintenance: Reverse osmosis systems are perfect for those who aren’t interested in a system that requires a lot of upkeep, because they are very low maintenance. You’ll just need to replace the filter every six months or so.

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