How Do I Know I Have Hard Water?

How Do I Know I Have Hard Water?

June 21, 2019

You may have heard people talk about “hard water” and trying to “soften” their water, but you might not be clear on what these terms mean. Moreover, how do you know if your water is hard? If you find that you have hard water, you may be in need of water filtration repairs in Pisgah Forest, NC. Read on to learn more about how to tell if you have hard water, and what to do about it if you do.

Testing for hard water

Water comes in varying ranges of hardness and softness, and people who live in different neighborhoods or regions might have different relative hardness in the water that comes out of their tap. In fact, 75 to 85 percent of Americans have hard water in their homes. Water picks up sediment from soil and rocks as it travels through the ground, and with that, certain minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are responsible for the hardness of water, and the higher the concentration of calcium and magnesium, the harder the water is considered to be.

If you’re not sure how hard your water is and want to find out, you can send a sample of your tap water to a private water testing company for evaluation. If your water comes from a public source, you may be able to contact your water company for the hardness rating.

The problems associated with hard water

If you find you have hard water, you may also notice that you experience certain problems associated with hard water. Minerals in hard water affects soaps and detergents, often leaving a film on dishes, sinks and tubs. When soap and hard water mix, the soap removes minerals from the water, which creates this hard-to-remove film. Hard water also reduces soap suds, which makes it less effective. You may find that your dishes dry with a spotty finish, and that your clothes lose softness and brightness after washing. Your hair also might feel greasy after washing.

Moreover, hard water can increase your costs as a homeowner. It affects your pipes, faucets and appliances. Calcium and magnesium accumulate in your pipes, which can clog and impede water flow. They also leave a crust around certain fixtures, and can eventually create the need to replace pipes and other appliances.

Solutions to soften your water

If you are experiencing the problems associated with hard water, don’t worry. There is a solution through water filtration repairs in Pisgah Forest, NC. Many people use water filtration systems in their homes in order to soften their water. Filtering your water will improve its softness, and will also improve the functionality of your appliances and the taste of the water.

At Royal Water Works, Inc., we offer testing and treatment services to our customers. Investing in the right water filtration system can protect you from the problems of hard water and remove excess minerals from your water supply. We can advise which system is right for you, as well as install and provide water filtration repairs in Pisgah Forest, NC. Schedule an appointment today!

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